Bitcoin ATM

Buy and sell crypto for cash


Buy cryptocurrency in 3 ways

Visit one of out ATMs in your area and buy cryptocurrency with cash.

Or use the ATM to buy a voucher and redeem it here when it suits you best.

You may also transfer EUR funds through a bank account to our IBAN. This process is callede OTC.


Exchange your cryptocurrency to cash

Step 1 (either here or at the ATM): Send crypto from your wallet to the address we provide. DON'T use option Replace-by-Fee.

Step 2 (at the ATM): Visit one of our ATMs in your area and withdraw the money.


Over the counter crypto exchange

When you need to make a transaction that exceeds everyday limits or need a business transaction, we're offering personal support and special treatment as part of out OTC crypto exchange service. Contact us at to discuss your case.

contact our OTC team


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