asked questions

What transactions are available on ATM?

You can buy or sell cryptocurrency.

You exchange cash for cryptocurrency and vice versa

What's the process of withdrawing cash?

Withdrawing your cash consists of two steps:

  1. Transfer your cryptocurrency to our wallet's address. This step can be executed online or through one of our ATMs.
  2. When your transaction is confirmed on your cryptocurrency's network, you will receive an SMS with a reference number, which you need to withdraw cash at the ATM.

You will need your mobile phone for both steps, since you will receive a verification code, which you will have to ender, when required.

Do I need my mobile phone to withdraw the money?

Yes, you will need your mobile phone throughout the process, since you will receive an SMS with a verification code for both steps.

Do I have to register for a user account?

Registration is not needed. You can use our system as an anonymous user, although the amounts you can withdraw will be limited.

What are the advantages of registering ?

There are a few advantages:

  • View your withdrawal history
  • Easier and quicker toubleshooting of potential problems
  • Higher withdrawal limits
What are the withdrawal limits?

The same limits apply to buying and selling. For current conditions please see this page.

What does a verified account mean?

It means you have successfully proved your identity. During the verification process you will be required to provide a copy of a personal document and proof of residence (a copy of a current utility bill (electricity, gas, water ...))

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication. It means using two passwords when logging into the system. Typically there is one regular password which you will choose yourself. The second password is dynamic and is different each time you log in. You can get the second password with a special authenticator application on your phone.

What's the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies?

This process is executed in one step at one of our ATMs.

  1. select the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase
  2. insert up to 50 banknotes
  3. the ATM will calculate the inserted amount and offer you an appropriate amount of cryptocurrencies based on the current market price
  4. If you agree to the trade, a QR code scanner will be activated which will scan the QR code of your wallet's address. This code is generated by every cryptocurrency wallet application on your mobile phone.
  5. You will be informed of the success of the transaction. The ATM will also print a confirmation of the executed transaction.
  6. In case the transaction is not successful, the ATM will return the inserted banknotes.